Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pics, etc

Here are some pics and vids. The vids take a bit of time to load. So be patient.


I won't be blogging the other 4 shows most likely. Thanks for watching and commenting. Any questions - let me know.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sexy dancer - le freak


Controversy outré - 11:31
Controversy - 11:23
Sorry false alarm

P and L - diamonds and pearls

All the critics love you. :)
Crazy dancing during the end of kiss. To the sort of extended version. Amazing

Now instrumental of sometimes it snows.

Now layla Hathaway out - singing it!
Prince out playing guitar, now duet at end.

And that's it folks - thanks. Will post pics tomorrow.

Now at piano w LH.
Kiss - my fav song of all time.

All red outfit. Big chain
No matter how many times I hear it, sing along, witness it - the end of purple rain always gets me choked up, teary eyes. Amazing.

Purple rain - purple lights outline/build the symbol.
Super long intro. Always amazing.
Adore - one the best versions. Standing on the piano right in front of me helped :)

And he goes down w the singers
One sleeve says w2a, the other prince
Is this lovesexy?

And his towel has the symbol
Insatiable - one of my favs

Scandalous - stage all red
She's always in my hair - stage w purple lights...

If I was you girlfriend w esperanza
Sorry - posted too many times so can't use txt
Or email will keep posting tracks and pics tomorrow.

First time blogging.
Now nothing compares to you w Shelby.

Now wearing black shirt - sleeveless tunic and big bracelets

May need to put up pics later

Gold guitar, John b with orange black light sticks, disco balls on stage, prince tearing up ahhhhh

Meant shhh

Now angel w Shelby

Test...cell phone acting up

Using the new gold guitar
Shhhh...this show is crazy. So much energy, dancing
U got the look - purple confetti coming Ddown
Let's work
Black jacket off - he's already working up a sweat
Black shoes - not heals.
Prince wearing black jacket and pants - jacket velvet. Gold ruffle shirt
Raspberry beret

B ones

Beautiful ones w dancer
Morris is at the far keyboard with the heart - not on stage


Black muse??
Rising from stage - laydown
He's in the under the stage
And the lights go down - Prince begins 9:37
Oh yeah - finding nemo back on
Now screams of passion. Won't give u the audio play by play. Back when the show starts


Back behind the circle part - heart sign - is that where Morris sits?
Pop life now playing over speakers
9:07 - LH done - took the steps. 40 min set


Airplane and other shirts

8:27 laylah Hathaway up

A little farther back

Sorry for the double ES pics - didn't think the email with all of them worked. And nemo playing again?!
8:10 - ES done - went down into the stage. 25 min performance






Esperanza and band up first.
7:44 - it begins
Also a beanie with prince and w2a. I bought that and a symbol necklace :)
Merch - only p album I saw was news. Symbol necklace, tambourine, w2a black shirt, prince plane, prince written in ballet, beret w symbol, compassion shirt, everybody loves me shirt


Half of the upstairs closed off - on either side - people getting replacement tix. Wow - bad sales I guess??

Stage 2


The stage


The izod

Finding nemo and chill jazz playing - 7:14
At the izod - section 107 - row 13 - seat 14 - perfect.
In NJ - on the bus - heading to IZOD

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special Guests for 2 IZOD, NJ shows

December 15: Jazz bassist/vocalist Esperanza Spalding and R&B artist Lalah Hathaway
December 17: Jazz performer Cassandra Wilson and funk saxophonist Maceo Parker

Tix available

I'm going to all 5 shows - Dec and Jan.

I have extra two tix for the December 29th show - section 69. $200/ticket - what I paid. Let me know if you're interested.